All Aboard the Atheist Bus

The Little Campaign that Could

Well there seems to be quite an uproar in Ottawa about the Atheist Bus ads.

Early last week, Ottawa was picked to be the next city for the Atheist Bus Campaign.

OC Transpo rejected the ads, and the Freethought Association faces a lot of challenges ahead before the campaign gets approval in Ottawa.

The matter will be further explored before full city council next Wednesday.

The ads were expected to roll out on Toronto buses this week, but I haven’t seen one yet. Here’s hoping.


Citation Exaltation

The Internet is Neat

I’ve been cited/crosslinked. How weird to be looking up sources for my current Atheist Bus in Ottawa story and find one blog post attributing the news to my Atheist Bus story.

Atheist Bus Campaign Coming to Ottawa

Don’t Worry, Just Enjoy Life.

The Freethough Association of Canada wants to put Atheist advertisements on the side of OC Transpo busses.

Atheist Bus Ad

My first Centretown News story went live today. Check it out here. 

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