Fur is Green (.com)

The Fur Council of Canada Wants You to Consider a New Vision of Fur

On Thursday afternoon, my TV class screened the features that we had all been working on during the past week.

My group (#3) focused on the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel. It went really well, except for that one hiccough during filming when we were ordered off the property at Blair station. It was alright though, we didn’t cause a scene.

One of the most interesting features covered the Fur Council of Canada’s new Fur is Green campaign.

They offer an interesting take on why wearing fur is actually ecofriendly:

Green Fur? To each his own I guess. I wonder if PETA has caught on to this.


3 thoughts on “Fur is Green (.com)

  1. Fur is Green and Good? You’re joking right? I wonder how you would feel being skinned alive or trapped in a steel vice? Lest we not forget the bludgeoning of baby seals. That’s always a good time! Promoting your campaign is unconscionable and heart breaking!


  2. I’m not saying that I am support or condemn wearing fur. I just think that the Fur Council of Canada has taken an interesting, albeit controversial, new direction for their campaign.


  3. There is a green way to wear fur without killing innocent animals. Buy secondhand fur from an antique or thrift store. This keeps the furs out of the landfills and helps needy people (when purchased from a non-profit thrift store). And, it doesn’t keep sustaining the killing industry. I love how you had the courage to post on this controversial subject!


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