Graffiti in the Glebe

The Bank Street Blemish

It’s not charming, quaint or cozy. Graffiti just doesn’t fit in the Glebe.

 Ethik tag on a Bank Street alley.

Is graffiti meant to shock you with a message, or is the act of tagging buildings shocking enough in itself?.  

Graffiti above the Body Shop and Magpie Jewellery.

If you manage to spot the graffiti on Bank Street, you will notice they are bold enough to stop you in your tracks. It will make you pause for a second and think. The kind of thinking where you turn your head to the side and say, “Now wait just one minute.”

Small tag at Bank and 5th Avenue.

Somehow, the graffiti artists have managed to make them blend seamlessly into the background of the busy street.

Rainbow tags on a dumpster.

Taking a second look at the graffiti on Bank Street is enough to make you stop and turn your head to the side, thinking “How charming.”


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