Toronto Patrons of the Arts

Starting the year off on the right foot. 


The Nutcracker was fantastic, as was expected. I always get chills during the Waltz of the Snowflakes. Toronto has been having a non-stop waltz of snowflakes recently, and I’m just about ready for a waltz of sunshine.

Les Miserables was extremely well done, from the set and production design to one of the most talented casts I’ve ever seen. Every single actor was at the top of their game. Each song was so powerful, and filled with so much passion. The run is over now, but if it does make a return, I highly recommend it.

This year I’d like to see the Lion King again, that last time I saw it was way back in elementary school, and the Book of Mormon because I didn’t get a chance the first time it came around. Stratford has King Lear, and Antony & Cleopatra in their lineup.

Jay-Z was the exact opposite of Kanye West. He had no back up dancers, no elaborate mountains, or monsters skulking around. He just showed up, and gave us an energetic performance filled with a mix of old and new. It was exactly what I hoped for, and he delivered.

The takeaway here is that money, time, and energy are better spent on experiences and people rather than things. One day more, friends. Another day, another destiny.