Quarterly Review: Q1 2015

Spring and all that comes with it: regeneration and rebirth.

Spring Robin

Over the weekend, I saw my first spring robin. I don’t know where or when I started keeping track of first robin sightings as my official start to spring… I always have a mini celebration/freak out when I see the first one, because it signals that life is slowly starting to creep back in.

Q1 has been a whirlwind in the all best ways. You know that feeling when you start a new journal? The endless possibilities of a blank page? It feels a little like that.

Looking ahead in my calendar, I can already see summer weekends are starting to fill up and everyone is making plans for the warm weather. I’m hoping all this sunshine and Vitamin D boosts will help me finally kick this wretched, lingering cold that I’ve been fighting since Family Day. It’s hard to run 100 miles with a cold! Hard, but not impossible.

I’m looking forward to a new Oana Befort desktop calendar, a new trench coat, and a new Les Mills release. And, I’m especially excited about all the good books I have lined up to read.

Spring has sprung!

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