A Guide to Living with Greenpeace

I Get a Hemp T-Shirt

On Sunday I was stopped outside of the Rideau Centre by a man working for Greenpeace. Normally I don’t stop for people who are handing out flyers, or strangers who are beaming at you, clipboard in hand. But, I was in such a great mood, my friend and I stopped to see what he was all about.

He was trying to recruit more members. Alright, that sounds ok. We get a newsletter, and The Greenpeace Living Guide which is printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink.

To be legitimate members, I guess we have to contribute some money. The sun was shining for the first time in Ottawa for a while. It was a beautiful day. So I signed up, and agreed to contribute $12 monthly. It won’t break the bank, and I get a Hemp shirt!

Oh Greenpeace, you had me at vegetable ink.