Electoral Board Upholds the Disqualification of Bruce Kyereh-Addo

Next Step: Constitutional Board

Bruce Kyereh-Addo’s disqualification stands as is today, after the rally in the Atrium and his appeal to the Electoral Board last night.

Some of the most interesting parts of this ruling include:

“Regarding the Facebook ad, the Electoral Board finds you in violation of the CEO Ruling of January 23, 2009. While there is no evidence that you or anyone on your team purchased the Facebook ad, the ad still benefited your campaign, and thus constitutes a violation of the code.”

This rationale enforces the Electoral Board’s position on the actions of supporters and volunteers of the candidates:

“Actions of supporters are done with free will, but they do have repercussions.”

The full Electoral Board Ruling is available online here.


CUSA Election Appeal Hearing: Let’s All Sit

Can We Sing Kumbaya?

I just got an invite on Facebook about a sit-in to show support for CUSA presidential candidate Bruce Kyereh-Addo. The description states:

“Bruce has received word from the CUSA Constitutional Board that his appeal hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 24th. This will be Bruce’s chance to challenge the false and unsubstantiated electoral violations that caused him to be disqualified on the day he won the election with 1,744 votes to Erik Halliwell’s 1,569. Please come out to support Bruce and hold CUSA accountable to the wishes of its members.”

We are not there to be violent.

We are not there to be scary.

We are there to show that the voice of the students cannot be ignored by those who think they are our masters.”

The demonstration is four days from now, in the Atrium at 5:30. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event where the organizers have to warn that we are not there to be violent or scary.

I’m biased, but I really hope that the decision is overturned. I want Bruce as my president.

Demand Better Candidate Disqualified

Bruce Kyereh-Addo, Presidential Candidate of the Demand Better Slate is Disqualified by CUSA Electoral Board

The Charlatan is reporting that Bruce Kyereh-Addo,the Demand Better presidential candidate, was disqualified after committing several offences.

The issue revolves around some Facebook messages that supported the Demand Better slate, and one report that Kyereh-Addo punched a wall near the voting office.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, the votes haven’t even all been counted yet.

More information on the Electoral Board rulings can be found here.

CUSA Elections 2009

Please Don’t Vote

Do. Not. Vote.

That’s the message that some Carleton students want to spread through their viral video that has caused quite a bit of controversy during election week.

Elections for the Carleton University Student’s Association (CUSA) are held this week, February 11th and 12th.

The “Don’t Vote” video went up on DC++, the filesharing network on campus, as well as on YouTube last week. It was pulled down in about a day. The Chief Electoral Officer banned all audio/video campaign material. The “Don’t Vote” video doesn’t mention either slate, Demand Better or Because It Matters , and it doesn’t feature any candidates from the two sides. It’s in the style of the celebrity-filled “Don’t Vote” video that was popular during the U.S election.

New media is a fantastic way to reach out to important groups of students: first year students, off-campus students, international students, and the students who brush past volunteers in the tunnels because they’ve heard it all before and have lost faith in CUSA.

I’ve been handing out flyers in the tunnels. Instead of wasting paper, a more efficient way of spreading the word would be to use audio and video material to introduce candidates and their platforms to the student population.

New media is the key to increasing voter turn out. If audio and video campaigning is ruled out, I say eliminate Facebook campaigning as well. That would be fair.

If the candidates can use Facebook to campaign, then they should be able to use YouTube. Period.

The “Don’t Vote” video was pulled early on, but some internet savvy individuals have duplicated it and put it right back online.

I love the video. I’ve watched it more than once. I even sent the link to my mom.

Check it out below.

I don’t know how long this will stay online, so watch while you still can.

And don’t forget to vote on February 11th and 12th! You can vote all over campus: the Atrium, the Loeb tunnel, Residence Commons, the tunnel level of MacOdrum Library, the tunnel junction between Staecie and Herzberg, the St. Patrick’s Building, Minto Centre and even in Athletics. All you need is your student card.