A New Chapter

Entering that phase of life where I talk a lot about how much I love my Kindle and how I am really into Decaf. 

Dear friends, something has happened to me. Suddenly, overnight it seems, I stopped reading paperbacks and stopped drinking caffeine.

This is only partly true, but it feels like a big change. I have a new Kindle. It is handy and adorable and portable and useful. The first book I read was #GIRLBOSS. I devoured it in less than 48hrs, hoping for a sense of depth or gravitas that did not come. Sophia Amoruso shared some dark moments, maybe too many or maybe not dark enough, because I anticipated feeling shocked and inspired but the sensation was dulled. Sure, she went through some tough times, but they were skimmed over and trivialized in order to make way for the glow of her literal rags-to-riches success. It is easy to look back on those hard times through rose-coloured glasses when you are safe and comfortable in the present.

Next, I bought Catherine, Called Birdy. A book I wish I had growing up because I just know that I would have loved it. It’s about a young girl coming of age in England in the 1200s. I also heard a rumour that Lena Dunham is trying to adapt this book into a movie. I can’t think of anything more up my alley.

And somewhere along the way, I realized that I need to cut waaay back on the amount of coffee I drink. My usual intake is something like 1-2 cups of coffee or tea while I get ready for the day and eat breakfast; 1 cup on the way to work/traveling; 1 cup in the morning; 1 cup at lunch; and if it is an especially tiresome day, one more in the afternoon. And maybe/probably one more on the way home or with a friend or after dinner. I was drinking coffee constantly for 12hrs straight! It’s really no wonder I seemed to be plagued by insomnia. I don’t even drink it for the effects, I drink coffee for the flavour. I developed a serious bad habit in college and university where I couldn’t start a class unless I had a hot beverage nearby. Having a paper cup glued to my hand at all times seems second nature.

I have made a conscious effort in the last two months to really cut down and totally eliminate any caffeine after 12pm. One, maybe two cups a day tops and I’ve been trying to switch to Decaf where possible. I’ll try to track the changes in my energy and alertness during the day, and to see if there is any direct correlation when I’m trying to fall asleep.

So with that, I will continue to trudge through this snowy February with my little tablet in one hand and a decaf Americano in the other. Results to follow.

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