Birthday Reflections

Chapter 9: I Have a Memorable Birthday


On October 9, 2014, I turned 26!! It didn’t hit me the way it did a few years ago when I realized I was older than all my favourite literary characters, or last year when, in the middle of a full blown quarter life crisis, I cut my own hair into a short bob. Luckily, I am skilled in the art of cutting hair and it looked quite nice.

This year was a quiet affair, dinner with family, lots of birthday calls and texts. As my friend list on Facebook shrinks, my birthday notifications are few and far between. Everyone who I actually keep in touch with has my phone number, or my email at least, and I much rather prefer to communicate that way. My reasons for keeping it around dwindle even further. I really hate that thing. If it were not for my friend Jen’s meticulous photo archives of the past few years, that I really need to get around to saving somewhere permanent, or the threat of missing out on social ‘events’, I would have been rid of it long ago. Here’s hoping for the courage to delete it forever. Maybe just a trial run. Maybe later.

The birthday weekend included tickets to The Book of Mormon (seriously hilarious but not for the faint of heart or the politically correct), followed by two Thanksgiving dinners. I got a lovely little Kate Spade watch to replace my broken vintage Casio. And this shiny new iPad, upon which I type this post.

The most overwhelming emotion that I have felt over these last few weeks is: contentment. There is a lot to be said for being happy and comfortable. When everything slides into place, the waters are calm, and things just work. I am, and have been, rather obsessed with my never-ending quest for self-realization, self-awareness, and self-actualization. All the selfs. Through years and years of deep and honest reflection about myself, my feelings, and my actions, I feel like I am quite tuned in. I know when my routines are working well, and when things are balanced. I think being content with your surroundings, pleased with your efforts, and honest about your progress is so important. A feeling of fond farewell to summer, and not regret over missed opportunities. A feeling of welcome and joy for autumn and all the beauty that it holds. And a distant excitement for winter and Christmas. Birthdays and New Years, seasons for change and for lofty goals of self-improvement. This year I’ll… All efforts to usher in a new year where our slates will be wiped clean and we can begin again. Lucky for me, I have found that by living the life I want to lead each day, I no longer have need for resolutions.


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