Gemma Ward. Supermodel.

Very good read. Not quite right for

I just wanted to pass on this article about my favourite supermodel. “Gemma Ward, A Supermodel Betrayed” written by Sarah Horne for Page Six Magazine. I don’t usually like to wade in this kind of territory. But I think that it’s important for these kinds of articles to be kept in the pubic eye. It’s especially important from sources like Page Six who deal in that whole media/celebrity industry.

I used to love seeing pictures of Gemma Ward in Teen Vogue. She had this strange alien-like beauty, she always sounded very polite and sincere in interviews and she just seemed like a nice, normal girl from Australia who just happened to be one of the most influential and successful models of the moment.

I stopped buying Vogue and Teen Vogue a long time ago, but I have noticed that Gemma Ward hasn’t been in many pictures in any of the magazines that I flip through when I’m waiting in the check-out line at Shoppers. This article explains why.

It’s a very sad story about a cruel industry. And the fact that it happened to Ward makes it hurt even more. I feel so bad for this girl. I’m torn between wanting her to make a stellar comeback, or for her to throw it all at their feet and move on with her life. Again, a very important read from Page Six Magazine, here.


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