Stone: Changing of the Guard

Birds: Trying out a new camera and a new Vimeo account.

Yesterday we went to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The flag was flying high so the Queen was in residence, but sadly we didn’t see her.

What we did see was an amazing spectacle of music, horses, yeomen and tourists. It was fantastic and so exciting. The area in front of Buckingham Palace was absolutely filled with people! I don’t remember the last time I have been in such a big crowd.

We arrived about an hour early and had fantastic spots. There were some poor fools who were standing across the street, so far back that there was no way they could see what was going on inside the courtyard or even hear the music! 

I took some videos with my mom’s digital camera. My camera is so old that it does not pick up any sound when you record movies! The problem is not that it is simply old and falling apart. Nope. It was designed to film silent movies. It’s like living in the Dark Ages. So we swapped cameras and below are six very short clips of what I could see and hear. I must warn you that the sound is not great, my hand is not steady and there were about a thousand other people around me trying to film the exact same thing! Enjoy.




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