The Bike Cycle

Safety and the Great Glebe Pastime

I almost had a panic attack while riding my bike to school last week. I was on a busy street without a helmet.

I was trying to be aware of my surroundings, heightening my senses almost to the point that I think I evolved into a higher species.

It’s the stigma of the helmet that just wont go away. I thought they looked lame in elementary school, and I guess not much has changed. And don’t get me started on helmet hair.

But the issue of bicycle safety is literally one of life and death.

I don’t point and laugh when I see somebody riding a bike wearing a helmet. I doubt the general public would point and laugh at me.

Peter Conway of McCrank’s Cycles said, “It’s the people who don’t wear the helmets that you notice.”

But really, what’s the point of wearing a helmet? If you were rammed by a Mack Truck, will a piece of foam help you walk away?

Perhaps full body armour is the next bicycle frontier.


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